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Berkeley Master of Engineering

Curriculum Model

Hone your existing skills while learning new ones

The Berkeley Master of Engineering Program curriculum integrates engineering coursework with classes in leadership and core management concepts. You tackle actual industry challenges through case studies and your capstone project.


Degree requirements include 25 units of coursework in three areas: the core leadership curriculum, your technical specialty and your capstone project. The curriculum follows our T-model for engineering leadership education:

1. Gain the broad set of management, leadership and communication skills you need to lead technology enterprises and ventures with our core leadership curriculum, common for all students in the program. (8 units)

2. Your team capstone project analyzes and addresses an industry challenge to integrate the core curriculum with your technical coursework. (5 units)

3. Deepen your technical expertise with coursework in your engineering area, chosen from among 19 concentrations in new and emerging technologies. (12 units)



"This program has truly strengthened my skills to become a future business leader. Many times, engineers are one-minded. They worry about the technical aspects and forget the business acumen. The Master of Engineering curriculum demonstrates realistic affairs in technology management. Whether you're an entrepreneur with your eyes set on building a start-up or a talented engineer ready to tackle industry, this is the right program for you." - Armin, M.Eng. '13