Master of Engineering Program

Teaching technical expertise and leadership

Experience academic rigor and leading edge focus from our world-class engineering school. UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering master of engineering program combines breadth of topics in business and management applied to depth of study in your technical concentration.

Together with a select student cohort, you will gain the management skills necessary to lead a complete spectrum of technology ventures. As a cross-disciplinary community of peers, this cohort ultimately forms a broad network of professional colleagues that you will be able to connect with throughout your entire career.These networks are reinforced through career advising and placement, access to alumni and industry connections, and other services.

Taking place at the forefront of today’s tech world requires more than technical expertise. It demands the management and business acumen to lead. Become that groundbreaking engineer by joining us here in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Technical Depth

The Berkeley Master of Engineering curriculum integrates intensive engineering principles with leadership and core management concepts. Tackle relevant industry challenges like an industry executive through assessing case studies and building your capstone project.

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Leadership Training

Students learn from leaders and among leaders. Our interdisciplinary cohort completes a core leadership and business curriculum taught by faculty and real-world experts with industry and entrepreneurial experience.

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Program Design

You may choose to apply to either the full-time program, one-year program, or part-time program for working professionals. Both options employ the same standards and criteria for admissions.

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Information Sessions

Meet admissions advisors, current students and alumni involved with Berkeley’s Master of Engineering program by signing up for an information session. We host information sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area and online.

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