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Berkeley Master of Engineering


The conFLuence of expertise and leadership

Taking a place at the forefront of today’s tech world takes more than technical knowledge. It requires the management and business acumen to lead.

In our Master of Engineering Program, you will experience all the rigor and leading edge focus you expect from a world-class engineering graduate school in an intensive and applied course of study.

Together with a select student cohort in your Core Leadership Curriculum, you will gain the management skills necessary to lead a complete spectrum of technology ventures. As a cross-disciplinary community of peers, this cohort ultimately forms a broad network of professional colleagues you will be able to connect with and call upon throughout your career.

Beyond the Core Leadership Curriculum, you will explore cutting-edge technologies in depth while learning from globally-recognized experts and innovators in your chosen technical concentration.

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The Berkeley Master of Engineering Path

You may choose to apply to either the full-time program, one-year program or part-time program for working professionals.  Part-time students may take one or two courses per semester and complete the program at their own pace in 2-4 years.

All students take courses together in a cross-disciplinary cohort. Classes are kept small to encourage interaction with your student cohort, your professors and your industry collaborators. These networks are reinforced through career advising and placement, access to alumni and industry connections, and other services.

All classes are taught on the Berkeley campus by top Berkeley Engineering faculty and guest lecturers with extensive industry and entrepreneurial experience. Upon completion, you will earn the master of engineering (M.Eng.) degree in your chosen engineering discipline, reflecting an integrated understanding of engineering leadership.

From classroom to career

Tailored exclusively for students in this program, advising services are focused on professional development and career services. In all aspects of study, you learn from and work with leading technology professionals and companies, further expanding your career network.
"This program proved to be exactly what I had been looking for, a technical degree complemented with practical leadership courses.
The required IEOR courses that are tailored for M.Eng. students are taught with the goal of making us succeed in leadership positions, that we understand the theory and are able to ask the right questions and identify errors or misleading statements.

Additionally the leadership classes have given me a very valuable experience in presenting  and discussing what I am working on and have provided me with the essentials of business, marketing and management." - Iris, M.Eng. '13