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Research and case studies play a key role In our continual effort to take learning out of the classroom and into real world situations. By applying Fung Institute principles to the myriad challenges faced in an innovation economy, we are able to test our problem solving approach and bring our teaching to life. The Case Studies and Technical Briefs found here provide analysis of research questions designed to provide insight into solving significant challenges and lessons for the impact of innovation on our economy.
Soon, this page will be your portal to the latest research findings, case studies and lectures from technology leaders throughout our program and network. 


Faculty Director's Blog

A few tech reports and blog entries we find interesting:
* Disambiguation & Co-Authorship Networks of the U.S. Patent Inventor Database (1975-2010)
*Patent-Mapper: Visualization of the Geolocation of Patents
*Geocoding Patent Data

Feature Research Article

Over the past 10 years, Internet ad revenue has grown from approximately $1.5B to now $10B annually. A major driver of this growth is Big Data. The question of privacy and regulations has undergone much change from no privacy to increasing regulations, which could limit economic growth....

Feature Research Article

The Crowdfunding Research group at the Fung Institute authored a paper on the possible size of the new Crowdfunding investment market.



Clean Tech Patent Dataset


We are releasing our list of clean tech patents, from 1975-2012. We worked with IP Checkups' Kathryn Paisner to identify biofuel, solar, wind, hydro, geo, and nuclear patents, and then combed through the rest of the database to look for similar but unidentified patents. Dr. Paisner then went through and vetted those patents. Guan Cheng Li and Ken Younge did the heavy lifting computationally.

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