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Berkeley Master of Engineering

Core Leadership Courses

The business of engineering. Beyond technical.

In the Berkeley Master of Engineering Program, you learn from leaders, among leaders. Your entire student cohort completes a core leadership curriculum totaling 8 units. Taught by Berkeley Engineering faculty and guest lecturers with industry and entrepreneurial experience, the coursework covers key leadership principles and management concepts specific to technology-dependent enterprises.


Topics in the first semester include marketing, negotiations, organizational behavior, project management, ethics, accounting, finance and intellectual property.  You study actual business situations through case studies. Additionally, the course includes a parallel industry strategy project to illuminate a future industry change that draws technical capabilities and multidisciplinary analysis. The second semester explores key operational, leadership, and financial concepts relevant to technology-dependent enterprises.  Topics include strategy, advanced finance, quantitative marketing, entrepreneurship, law, governance and structure.



Capstone Integration is a year-long course which supports your efforts to generate clear, engaging, and memorable content for your capstone project's reporting deliverables.

Designed specifically for the M.Eng. program, the course invites you to develop insights gained during the engineering leadership and technical courses to reflect on your professional and academic experience as you develop a narrative around your capstone project.

You will spend the year investigating how you can leverage various kinds of media, rhetoric, and discourse to connect  with a variety of stakeholders crucial to your capstone project's success:  engineers and scientists, entrepreneurs and funders, public intellectuals and trendsetters. You will also apply project management and teambuilding principles towards your capstone project. 

In the optional Innovation Lecture Series, you hear from leading innovators from Silicon Valley and elsewhere, sharing lessons from their own experience.