Program for Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance

The Program for Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance is the world’s leading research center for emerging alternative financial models, crowdfunding and how they apply to innovation, entrepreneurship and social impact. With the support of the Kauffman Foundation, we are building an extensive repository of crowdfunding and alternative finance data to support empirical research and for the use of governments, NGOs, and policy makers.

Our core staff includes three of the world’s top crowdfunding experts: Jason Best and Sherwood Neiss, who are Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and who crafted the framework for Crowdfund Investing in the United States, and Dr. Richard Swart, who directs the program and who is a recognized global leader in crowdfunding research and policy. Our team presented in more than 25 countries in 2013, giving us a truly global perspective on a groundbreaking change affecting microfinance, early stage capital markets, and the funding of innovation. 

Together with visiting researchers, visiting scholars, and research associates, we are investigating a number of research questions as well as holding symposia, colloquia, and collaborating with other institutions to assist their crowdfunding and alternative finance research. We host an annual Academic Symposium on Crowdfunding each Fall at Berkeley.

Crowdfunding and alternative finance are truly interdisciplinary topics, attracting research interest from faculty globally in faculties as diverse as: finance, developmental economics, consumer finance, innovation, computer science, information science, sociology, geography, entrepreneurship, law, public policy, strategy, linguistics, and international development. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other faculty, advanced graduate students and institutions and will have a small number of visiting researchers and scholars in residence here at UC Berkeley.

For more information, please contact Dr. Swart at rswart "at"